Welcome to Hypespotting 6!

The UK’s largest and most hype fighting game event returns to Glasgow in April 2017. In its sixth straight year, Hypespotting continues to grow and innovate, and in this next instalment, will feature a number of new additions and exciting developments. Of course, as usual, Hypespotting presents the best of competitive fighting game action, with ten awesome tournaments taking place. These tournament titles include:

▪ Street Fighter V   ▪   Tekken 7   ▪   Super Smash Bros. for WiiU   ▪   Mortal Kombat XL   ▪

▪   The King of Fighters XIV   ▪   Killer Instinct   ▪   Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator   ▪

                  ▪   Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike   ▪   Super Street Fighter II Turbo   ▪  

A brand new addition to the Hypespotting line-up is Affro’s Arcade. Many of you will be familiar with Versus Scotland co-founder and Hypespotting originator Affro, who as a player would regularly spend hours in the arcades. Now he would like to bring the experience and atmosphere of the arcade to Hypespotting, and invites everyone to join in. Affro’s Arcade will also play host to our event partner We Throw Switches who will be exhibiting a selection of indie games for everyone to try out and enjoy. Hypespotting 6 will also see our largest seller and stalls market to date, with guest artists and lots of awesome swag on offer.

Hypespotting 6 is already looking stacked! Those of you familiar with us will know however, that there are always more exciting announcements still to come, including all the locations for our series of qualifier events – the Road To Hype. Ensure you keep up to date with the Versus Scotland and Hypespotting social media channels and website so you do not miss a thing –

www.hypespotting.co.uk            facebook.com/VersusScotland                  twitter.com/VersusScotland

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Also featuring:

Capcom Pro Tour EU Ranking Event

Launch of the Tekken 7 UK Championship

Mortal Kombat XL Tournament with $5000 Pot Bonus



The History of HYPE


In 2010, the original team members at Versus Scotland had a dream to put on a major fighting game event which included high level competition, a welcoming atmosphere, and reflected the best aspects of the UK community. The next year, Hypespotting was born. Since those early days, Hypespotting has continued to grow and develop to the point where today it is the largest UK fighting game event in the country. While the team behind Hypespotting has changed over the years, the desire to put on an event of high excitement, competition, and enjoyment, has remained as strong as ever. Hypespotting is an event open to everyone, regardless of whether they are a well-travelled World warrior, a local competitor, or just someone looking to experience the hype or support their friends. It is an event where all are welcomed to join in and become part of our unique and special atmosphere.

The team behind Hypespotting encompasses experienced Tournament and Event Organisers from scenes across the fighting game community. Local scenes such as Reset Aberdeen, Giant Attack Dundee, Rushdown Edinburgh, Steel City Clash, and others, all join forces with Versus Scotland to make Hypespotting happen. Bringing together all this expertise and knowledge is unique in the UK fighting game community, and helps to ensure that Hypespotting belongs to the players. Moreover, through our event partners including We Throw Switches, and Replay Events, we can guarantee that the production values at Hypespotting stay consistently high.

The current Hypespotting venue is the Hilton Glasgow, ideally situated in city centre and close to various transport links. Being a major hotel, it provides many excellent features and facilities which help to make Hypespotting an unforgettable experience. For example, we are able to host the legendary Hypepsotting Pub Quiz from the Saturday evening, and on into the night. As well as the venue itself, Glasgow, a vibrant and modern city, benefits from having many accommodation options for visitors looking to come along and get involved in the HYPE of Hypespotting.

In previous years, Hypespotting has received the backing of many major global companies. These include Capcom, Nintendo, Bandai Namco, Twitch, Red Bull, Hori, CeX, and many more. It is a display of trust and support that often these companies specially select Hypespotting for distinctions. For example as an official test location for Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014), Premier Event on the Capcom Pro Tour (2015), UK qualifier for the Mortal Kombat Cup (2016), jointly host with Nintendo a Pokken Tournament Invitational (2016), and manage in tandem with CeX their special Hypespotting preview tournament (2016). Hypespotting has also received nationwide news coverage, and continues to feature regularly on various gaming and eSport websites. It is thanks to such credits that Hypespotting has become a recognisable name on the global eSports stage.

Since the second Hypespotting, we have welcomed thousands of players to take part in the Road To Hype. These special qualifiers held across the UK, and even further afield, mean that Hypespotting can encourage and support the grassroots of the fighting game community. For Hypespotting 6, there will be over twenty stops along the way to the main event, more than ever before. Through the Road To Hype we are able to ensure that our community connections remain strong, and we take great pleasure in seeing new players, wherever they may be, become part of the HYPE.

Something that we routinely hear about Hypespotting is that ‘there is nothing else like it’. Through the friendly and supportive atmosphere, super competitive action, and of course the epic Hypespotting Pub Quiz, the awesome attendee experience is something unparrelled in the UK today.  The whole Hypespotting Team are very proud to play their part in this HYPE, and we would like to invite everyone to experience it first-hand and join us at the next Hypespotting!


Hypespotting is like the UK’s own version of EVO

Red Bull eSports Blog, March 2016


Hypespotting attracts some of the best fighting talent in the world to Scotland and is fast becoming a standout event on the fighting calendar.

The Sun newspaper, April 2016


Hypespotting 6

15th-16th April 2017

Hilton Glasgow, 1 William Street, Glasgow, G3 8HT


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