With many exciting developments and big announcements still to come before the main event next April, here you will be able to catch up on all the latest news about Hypespotting 6.

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14/04/17 - Information you need for Hypespotting 6

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06/03/17 - Tekken 7 UK Championship @ Hypespotting 6

As announced by Bandai Namco earlier today, Hypespotting 6 will be hosting the launch of the Tekken 7 UK Championship!

This awesome new title has been creating much excitement from players around the world, with rave reviews from everyone who has been lucky enough to give it try. Now you can experience it for yourself at the most hype fighting game event in the UK – Hypespotting 6.

The Tekken 7 UK Championship will feature five stops around the UK, culminating in Grand Finals hosted at the ESL Arena at MCM Comic Con London at the end of May. The top 3 from each of the qualifying tournaments will secure their place in the finals, with the opportunity to then win the Tekken 7 UK Championship belt!

The Tekken 7 tournament at Hypespotting 6 will now be free to enter (if you have already purchased your T7 tournament entry, you will be refunded), meaning that even more players can join in the hype and sample this hotly anticipated title.

This tour is truly a celebration of Tekken, and we are super hype to be kicking off the championship at Hypespotting 6. We are thankful to Bandai Namco and ESL for choosing Hypespotting 6 to launch the tour, and it is awesome to be part of their support for the community and players.

So if you want experience the Tekken 7 UK Championship at Hypespotting 6, then register today to secure your place. There’s just over a month before the main event, so make sure you don’t miss out on the special atmosphere and major hype found only at Hypespotting!

Tickets are on sale now at our official website – hypespotting.co.uk

Hypespotting 6. 15th-16th April 2017. Hilton Hotel, Glasgow.



The Capcom Pro Tour will be visiting Glasgow this year, as Hypespotting 6 has once again been specially selected to appear on this prestigious tournament series. Following the confirmation released earlier today from Capcom, we are very happy to announce that Hypespotting 6 will be the first UK stop for the tour.

On the 15th and 16th of April at the Hilton Hotel in central Glasgow, we will be welcoming many world warriors from all over the globe. With players already confirmed from across the whole UK, all around Europe, and beyond, there’s sure to be tough competition and serious levels of hype. So with coveted Pro Tour ranking points on the line, you will need to be at your best to take them home, and possibly even become a Hypespotting champion!

Tickets for the biggest and most hype fighting game event in the UK are available now at the official website – Hypespotting.co.uk

At the website, you can also find useful information and suggestions for your travel and accommodation. There’s sure to be great demand so the best advice is to book early.

Online ticket sales will close before the main event in April, so make sure you don’t miss out - secure your spot today and get ready to experience the awesome atmosphere only found at Hypespotting!

Hypespotting 6. 15th & 16th April 2017. Glasgow, Scotland.



BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE – To celebrate Hypespotting 6 being part of this year’s Capcom Pro Tour, we’re giving 6 free entries to the SFV tournament at the main event in April. To be in with a shot of winning, simply share this post from the Hypespotting 6 facebook event page (look for the ‘Share&Win’) or retweet our CPT tweet (look for the ‘RT&Win’). There are 3 free entries for each facebook and twitter, so if you share/retweet both, then you’ll double your chances of being a winner! And while you’re there, don’t forget to add a like/follow and stay up-to-date with the biggest fighting game event in the UK – Hypespotting 6!

(The draw will close on Sunday 5th March at 10pm, and the winners contacted the next day. If you have already purchased entry to the SFV tournament at HS6, then your entry will be refunded to you)


Hypespotting 6 Staff Applications are now live!

Do you want to be involved in running the hypest event of the year?
Feel you have the brawn to run a pool as a judge?
Do you have the multitasking prowess to be the masters of the infamous TO table?
Apply now, show us what you've got and help run the biggest fighting game event in the UK.

All Hypespotting staff get free entry to the event for the days they're staffing, a free lanyard and a free staff t-shirt. So successful applicants can save some money too!

Go to http://www.hypespotting.co.uk/staff-application/, fill out the form and we'll get back to you as we process the applications leading up to main event.

Hypespotting 6
15th-16th April 2017
Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

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Road To Hype Update
The Road To Hype begins today as Big Battlefield Glasgow host Super Smash Bros. for WiiU. Also, courtesy of BBFG, they will also be supplying top two finishers of their Street Fighter V tournament with free tournament entry at Hypespotting 6. Find out more at the event page (www.facebook.com/events/226482364441472/) and watch the action live right now at twitch.tv/fakery!

Another stop has been added to the Road To Hype. Alongside our friends at Robin Hoods, Nottingham will host qualifying tournaments in Street Fighter V and Killer Instinct on Sunday March 12th. Make sure to check out all the confirmed stops so far at the Hypespotting website (hypespotting.co.uk) and plan your journey to being a champion! Remember - there are still more stops due to be added so keep up-to-date via the official website, and the Versus Scotland facebook and twitter channels.


Welcome to the Road To Hype!

This is the beginning of your journey to Hypespotting greatness, as the hype travels across the UK and beyond. At Road To Hype events you have the opportunity to win your tournament entry at the biggest fighting game event in the UK today – Hypespotting 6. With the main event on the horizon, now is the ideal time to get in that competitive action so you can be ready to produce your best when it matters most.

The first batch of official Road To Hype tournaments can now be viewed at the official Hypespotting website – hypespotting.co.uk/road-to-hype. This is just the start though, as even more stops are due to be added, in addition to a big announcement sure to turn heads and ramp up the hype!

Keep up-to-date with all the latest Road To Hype and Hypespotting 6 news via the Versus Scotland Facebook (facebook.com/versusscotland) and Twitter (twitter.com/versusscotland), as well as at our event website – hypespotting.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you all on the Road To Hype, and wish good luck to everyone joining in the HYPE!



Our great discount offer on Hypespotting event entry ends today!

Purchase your event entry (for either player or spectator) now and receive a fantastic 25% off. This offer is only valid until the end of the year, so there's not long left.

Remember, you can still purchase your player event entry now, and then add your tournament entries later.

Visit the official website now so you don't miss out, and then get ready to join in the hype!



All of us in the Hypespotting Team hope that you are enjoying the festive period, and looking forward to the start of 2017 and Hypespotting 6.

There's less than a week to go before our fantastic ticket offer closes. Event entry passes for both players and spectators currently have an awesome 25% off. Hurry though, as this great offer will conclude at the end of this month.

Remember, you can still purchase your player event entry now, and then add your tournament entries later. So even if you haven't decided which tournaments you would like to join, you can still take advantage of the discount!

You can purchase your tickets now at - hypespotting.co.uk/tickets

We have a number of big announcements coming up in January, including the schedule for the Road To Hype, so make sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments via the Versus Scotland facebook (facebook.com/versusscotland) and twitter (twitter.com/versusscotland), and the official Hypespotting website.

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Welcome to Hypespotting 6

This is it, the return of the biggest fighting game event in the UK!

On the 15th and 16th April 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in central Glasgow, we’re taking the most hype event around to new levels. In its sixth straight year, Hypespotting continues to grow and innovate, and in this next instalment, will feature a number of new additions and exciting developments. Of course, as always, Hypespotting presents the best of competitive fighting game action, with nine awesome tournaments taking place including:

- Street Fighter V
- Tekken 7
- The King of Fighters XIV
- Super Smash Bros for WiiU
- Super Smash Bros Melee
- Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
- Killer Instinct
- Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
- Super Street Fighter II: Turbo

As well as invading the entire main hall in the Hilton on both days, we will also be featuring our largest seller and stalls market to date, with guest artists and lots of awesome swag on offer.

A brand new addition to the Hypespotting line-up is Affro’s Arcade! Alongside our friends at We Throw Switches, Steel City Clash, and Turbo Tuesdays Kirkcaldy, just a few steps away from the main hall, it will host a fantastic selection of arcade style and indie games for everyone to enjoy. Plus, there will even be extra room for anyone wishing to bring along their own setup and take the challenge to the community!

With players descending on Glasgow from all over the UK, Europe, and beyond, you know that the competition will be seriously fierce! You will need to be at your peak if you want to earn a coveted Hypespotting championship trophy. So if you think you have what it takes and want to test your might against the best, then you need to get planning for Hypespotting 6.

All the HS team recognise that it is the community that creates the unbelievable hype and unmatched atmosphere that is displayed only at Hypespotting. We want to share that awesome experience with everyone, and are offering special spectator tickets so more people can witness the fighting game community at its very best. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the legendary Hypespotting Pub Quiz! Our regular quizmasters are back to test your mental match-ups, as your team fights to win epic prizes!

With the return of Hypespotting, that also means that we will once again be embarking on the Road To Hype. Visiting the most stops ever in Hypespotting history, the Road To Hype qualifiers provides you with an opportunity to win your tournament entry at the main event in Glasgow. At locations across the UK, and further afield, fighters will be looking to get that vital competitive practice in to make sure that when Hypespotting 6 comes round, they will be ready. We will be announcing details of the stops on the Road To Hype soon, so look out for when it will be visiting a location near you!

Hypespotting 6 is already looking stacked, however as those of you familiar with us will know, that there are always many more exciting announcements still to come! Ensure you keep up to date with the Versus Scotland social media channels and Hypespotting website so you don’t miss a thing –

- hypespotting.co.uk
- facebook.com/versusscotland
- twitter.com/versusscotland

Tickets are on sale now, and until the end of 2016, event entry and spectator entry have a fantastic 25% off! Simply head over to the tickets page on the official website today and secure your spot now!

Hypespotting 6
15th-16th April 2017
Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

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