In order to provide the awesome Hypespotting experience, we rely on the ability and effort of our staff members and volunteers. Hypespotting consistently grows every year, and with its position as the biggest UK fighting game event, this means that we are on the lookout for the people to make sure the weekend runs smoothly. As a Hypespotting 6 volunteer, you could be running pools, arranging stream matches, manning the registration desk, setting up the venue, or many other integral parts of the event. If you have previous experience of working at FGC events or tournaments, please add that information when you apply. Although do not worry if you don’t have any previous experience, we’re looking for the right people to join our team so enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved are also highly valued. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee volunteer roles to everyone who applies, but please be assured that each application will be assessed on an individual basis.


  • If you are selected as a volunteer, then you will receive FREE event entry for the day (or days) which you have applied for, and get a special Hypespotting 6 staff shirt and lanyard.
  • If you have already purchased event entry prior to receiving confirmation that you will be staff at Hypespotting 6, then you will be refunded the day (or days) event entry. Please do not wait for acceptance of your volunteer status before purchasing any tournament entries. All tournaments have player caps, therefore if you would like to enter a tournament, then you should purchase your event entry and tournament entry. As stated, if you are then selected as a volunteer, your event entry (for one or both days) will be refunded to you.